We Can't Do it Alone!

We are always looking for help from people with the right skills to help us carry the mission forward. Whether you’re interested in painting with us, helping raise money, organizing behind the scenes, designing marketing/social media materials, volunteering on-site during a project, or anything in between to help us bring the power of art to the next generation.

Ways to Give

Not all giving is financial

In Kind Donations

You can donate specialized services such as printing, photography, video and audio production, public relations, marketing, and more. Contact us to donate any one of these or other services that may relate.

In Kind Material

It takes a lot of instruments, cameras, computers, paint, brushes, containers and other materials to teach art, music, and film. If you are interested in donating specific tools or supplies, contact us for a current materials list.

Ways to Give

Host a fundraiser

Donate Your Graduation

You’ve reached an important milestone, maybe finished art school? In honor of your graduation, ask for gifts that give back to support aWall.

Donate Your Birthday

Make your big day about something bigger than yourself. This birthday, ask for gifts that give back. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

"History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children."

– Nelson Mandela