Bringing the Power of art to the next generation.

Making a difference,
one wall at a time.

Our Story

It all started with a wall

Founded by a small group of artists passionate about sharing their work to inspire and create with others, the first aWall Project involved transforming a big wall in an area of that had been blighted. The impact of our work inspired a community member to connect us with their child’s school to bring that power to the next generation and show first-hand what is possible when dedicating yourself to an idea.

Recent Projects

Our Transformations

School Murals

We transform public schools from K-12 into centers of creative collaboration and change while immersing the students in the creative process through workshops led by our artists.

Community Murals

Community murals within hospitals, nursing centers, YMCA’s and many similar centers aim to promote local talent and engage the community by turning empty walls into huge public canvases that can have a lasting effect on local neighborhoods.

City Murals & Festivals

City murals beautify metropolitan areas, tell community stories, and even encourage city growth. From densely populated urban areas to long stretches of highway, we transform communities often littered with blight into attractive places to live and thrive.

“I honestly believe that the aWall mural project has been the best thing to ever happen to our school. The kids were so excited to see the artists working and to see what they would create each day. The artists were amazing and so friendly with the kids. The whole experience really brought our school together and is something we will all remember forever. I sit outside everyday while my students play on the playground and I look around at all the amazing art and I just think about how lucky our school was to have this experience. This project improved our school not just for the kids who were there last year, but for all of the other students that will walk through our hallways in the future. ”

– Leslie Alvarez
Pre-K Teacher at Santa Clara Elementary

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